The Story of Privilege

The story of privilege is one that we hear too often A white man calls for help with no worries A black man refuses help even when he is the victim “911. What is your emergency?” “Please help. I hear gunshots outside my back door” “Ma’am help is on the way” White Privilege is feeling …

Experiences Fashion

My Fashion Story

Childhood Tings From the very beginning, fashion has had a very special place in my heart. Growing up, clothing and me had a very interesting relationship with one another. I was the girl who had the body that always made her look much older than she actually was – I guess I can thank my …



Why do things occur the way that they do? Why are we told to find the silvery lining? Is positivity real? Or is it merely the lack of negativity? Is it understandable for a child filled with rage and hurt to break? Or should the mourning parent get our sympathy? How do we distinguish who …

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My Baby Frosh Steps

Going to university as a first year student is like discovering a brand new planet. At first it’s very interesting, but slowly you realize that you don’t know how to survive there. All the things that you’ve become accustomed to all throughout elementary school and high school are nowhere to be found. Gone are the …


How to Style – White t-shirt

A white t-shirt is a definite staple in any closet. It’s classic and timeless. Plus, the versatility of the color white means that it will match with any color or pattern you throw at it.   It’s one of the many pieces of clothing that everyone adores and owns, due to numerous reasons. For one they’re …


To Be Someone Else

I once wished to be someone for just one night
So I put on a persona that was unlike who I was
I said yes to the things that scared me
And unleashed a side of me that I was unaware of

That night was unforgettable
Not because I no longer had the burden that came from my worries
But because of the guilt that had consumed me afterwards
I later realized that who I was that evening, was someone I wish to never become

I became the person I always envied
I became the girl who laughed
Who fit the ideal image of society
The girl whom everyone wished to be

Yet despite that I discovered that the girls I wished to be
Were feeling much worse than me
They laughed so much only to distract themselves of the emptiness within
They perfected their image only to find a flaw within the perfection

That night a lesson learned by me
A lesson on how nothing aren’t what they seem
And that though we might not be who others want us to be
We are who we need to be