A couple years back my mom had learned about minimalist fashion. Of course, being someone who absolutely ADORES clothing I didn’t really care much for it. At first that is. You see the more that I heard about it the more intrigued I got. So naturally I did what any rational teenage girl would. I Pinteresed it.

That’s right, I went on Pinterest and quite literally typed in “minimalist fashion”. It was okay at first. I kept seeing things called minimalist capsules. After hours and hours of scrolling through pinterest I. WAS. HOOKED.

Which is why I immediately set on my minimalist journey. I went into my closet and dumped everything out. I mean EVERYTHING. Then, I was on my way to creating my very own minimalist capsule. Sort of.

You see I didn’t exactly know how to do that. All I knew was that I found it extremely cool how people were able to live their lives with a total of 25-30 items – clothing, accessories, shoes, undergarments. I saw it as a challenge. A challenge to see if I too could survive that way.

My mom always taught me that there’s beauty in simplicity. Minimalist Fashion just cemented that fact. It challenged me to find the beauty in what I had. Not only that, but it taught me to be more grateful for what I had. I learned to value quality over quantity. To be thankful that I had something rather than nothing. 

Anyways, it was an experience that had become almost therapeutic for me. It was a way that I had practiced self care. During my purge I had spent time with myself. Looking through all my belongings. Sorting between the sea of things that I knew I had to let go of.  It was a very emotional time for me.

What I learned.

Minimalism is a lifestyle choice. It is something that definitely takes time. Whatever reason you choose to go down that path. You are making a conscious decision to let go of unneccessary things and to hold on only to necessities.

Marie Kondo always says “Ask yourself if it sparks joy.” Honestly, when it comes to choosing a minimalist lifestyle asking yourself this question is truly important. This question is what makes it easier to let go of things that are unneccessary. 

Letting go of things is always hard. Be it because the object or piece of clothing holds sentimental value or not. We always think that eventually, we’ll need it again. Even though we’ve never worn it in ages.

What you’ll realize.

You own so much. Yet, you only ever use 50% of it. You mix and match your favorite pieces with so many different other pieces in your closet. You might not realize it but you are already into minimalist fashion. The only reason you don’t see it is because you have so many other clothes that you don’t wear inside your closet.

When you completely unpack your closet you’ll finally see it. In the very back of your closet, you’ll find the top that you bought that one time because it was cute but only wore once. Next to it will be the purse that you got as a gift but never use that now it’s covered in dust. After that, you’ll find that you’ve outgrown half your clothes. Not necessarily because of your weight but because you’ve grown as a person.

Your style from a year ago has changed. The clothes that you use to wear all the time are now collecting dust. Be it because like me you went through a goth phase and all of a sudden got really into a much more girl style. Or simply because you’ve fined tune your current style and realize you’re more into patterns rather than florals. That’s okay.

What you can do.

So, you’ve finally admitted that you want to try minimalist fashion – for some reason. The first thing you need to do is quite obvious. DUMP. EVERYTHING. OUT. It’s my favorite step because it’s the most fun part. Who doesn’t like dumping things out?

Next, sort through everything. Make a pile for everything. One for donations. Another for garbage – if the item is damaged beyond repair. Lastly, a pile for keeps. While sorting through everything don’t forget to ask yourself if the item “sparks joy”.


Once, you’ve sorted all your things to fit into one of the three main piles. Pack and prepare your donation and garbage pile to be brought to their new homes. You can bring your donation pile to a second-hand store like Goodwill, Value Village, Salvation Army or any thrift stores near you. The garbage pile can be brought to the dump or simply at your outdoor garbage bin.

After, dealing with 2 out of 3 of the piles, you will be left with the most important pile. The Keep pile. This is probably the most important part of your minimalism journey. With that pile filled with clothes that spark joy in you and that you often wear, create your very own minimalist fashion capsule.

Finding your style.

A capsule is basically a collection of clothing. Typically, when trying to slowly get into minimalist fashion this is a term you will hear about often. It helps you further get into a minimalist mindset while still keeping things fresh.

Most people create 4 capsules in total. One for each season. This way you don’t have a full-year worth of clothing in your closet.

Going back to your keep pile you will then sort them based on the season that you will wear them most often. By doing this you will be able to really get into a minimalist mindset. This is because you will have subconsciously made a mental note that you do not need any more clothes than you already have. Not only that but now you have been presented with a challenge. A challenge to help you determine your style.

Being human means that we are constantly searching for the answer to who we are. Clothing is a great outlet to help you find those answers. Due to this we always buy clothes or accessories simply because they’re cute, in style, or because we think we have nothing to wear. A minimalist mindset will teach you NOT to do this.


Instead, it will teach you to challenge yourself – as it did me. And before you know it you will have found your style. You will have also fallen in love with your clothing once again. Not only that but you will have worn your clothes for what they’re worth.

Final thoughts.

Minimalist Fashion isn’t for everyone. But it is definitely something that I’d recommend that everyone do at least at one point in their lives. I say this because a minimalist mindset will teach you a lot.

As you purge your closet you become exposed to your spending habits. Your actual spending habits. Not your once in a blue moon buys. But the sum of how, where, and what you spend your money on. It’s actually scary once you come face to face with it. Cause at that moment, you’ll finally realize that you could have saved the money that you spent buying that cute top – that you only wore once.

Seeing all your belongings laid out on your bedroom floor in front of you will also show you how quality is truly better than quantity. At that moment you’ll see that leather jacket that you spent $50 on but worn a hundred times smiling at you. You’ll also see the difference between the quality belt that you bought which is in better shape in comparison to those dainty belts that you bought yesterday.

Lastly, you’ll find out how much you truly know yourself. You will be able to see yourself in everything that you own. It will be therapeutic and emotional. You will sit there and sort through your clothes – and memories. Everything will come flooding to you. The good. The bad. The okay times. You will remember the night that you ate too much junk food and puked all over your best friends sweater – which you have yet to return. And you will see the little black sweater dress that you decided to wear while cleaning the bathroom – which now has a giant red stain because you accidentally touched it with your bleach covered gloves. But it will all be okay.

By the end of your minimalism journey, you will have looked back just as I have and smile. You will be grateful that you had tried minimalist fashion at least once. You will be grateful that you learned just how worth it to spend $50 on something that is amazing quality rather than being stingy because you didn’t see the long term worth. Also, you will be grateful that in the end, you got closure. You will have grown as a person – both emotionally and mentally.

Honestly, choosing to go into minimalist fashion will be the best decision that you’ll ever make.

Try it out and let me know about your journey.

XOXO Ayah <3