Why do things occur the way that they do?
Why are we told to find the silvery lining?
Is positivity real?
Or is it merely the lack of negativity?

Is it understandable for a child filled with rage and hurt to break?
Or should the mourning parent get our sympathy?
How do we distinguish who is in the right when both are in the wrong?
How do we mend something when both are struggling to give?

She grew up alone yet you expect her to sit pretty and obey without question.
But her parent cries her broken heart together.
She cried yet smiles to your face
Her parent bleeds yet heals everyone but herself.

How do you react when an earthquake feels more like home?
How do you mend the cracks that remain unknown?
Is it understandable to hurt for a child who makes you feel less alone?
Or should you continue to search for the answer to lead both her and her parent to a brand new home?