We live in a world that never stops moving. Regardless of the time of day. Even though there are only 24 hours in a day and that we are human, we live in a time that is adamant on defying these facts. So rarely, do we take the time to just breathe. Instead, we’ve developed an all-or-nothing mentality. Causing balance in our lives to be a thing of the past.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

As a first year university student, I know first hand what it feels like to be overwhelmed by work. There has been more than one occasion, when I’ve felt as though there isn’t enough hours in the day. It’s gotten to a point that I’ve planned out what I do, every minute of every day. But, the one thing that I constantly forget while in the middle of everything, is to just breathe.

Yes, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. And yes, we shouldn’t put off things we can do today for tomorrow. But, at the same time, we also have to learn that its okay to do nothing from time to time. It’s okay, not to accomplish every single thing on our daily to do list. And it is definitely okay to not be okay.

More often than not, the reason why we refuse to slow down is so that we don’t have to deal with how we’re feeling. Students throw themselves into studying after getting a bad grade because then they can’t blame themselves. Adults throw themselves into work just so the don’t have more work to catch up on or so they don’t have to deal with whatever is happening around them. Our emotions, have a way of getting the best of us. That’s why we have to learn not to be so hard on ourselves and to breathe.

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Have a Minute, Take a Break

We forget that there will always be another deadline. Or another priority that needs our attention. That’s why we have a habit of filling up our schedules, down to the second. Constantly, leaving us on the go. Which is why as soon as we spend some time doing nothing, we lose motivation to start back up. Making us dependent on the sway of our mood.

This problem is one of the many reasons why finding a balance between work and play is important. Not only does taking a break allow us to recharge ourselves but it also teaches us discipline and control.

You will never always be motivated, so you must learn to be disciplined.


A break allows us to take ourselves out of our chaotic schedules and gives us a chance to replenish ourselves. It helps us gain a better perspective, and more often than not it is exactly what we need. When we become overwhelmed we lose focus on what’s good for us. Taking a break and allowing ourselves to be bored often causes us to stumble upon the solutions to our problems.

That’s why next time you’re stuck or overwhelmed, hit the pause button. Step back from whatever you’re doing. Go for a walk, have a one hour electronic detox, or grab a snack. And allow yourselves to be bored and do nothing. Because before you know it, you’re feeling better than ever and are much more ready to conquer what’s ahead of you.

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Habit Hacking

As humans we are constantly trying to improve ourselves and our habits. Be it by trying new things, such as finally learning to cook. Or finally working towards our on going New Year’s Resolution of getting in shape. But due to our go,go,go mentality it is often hard for us to maintain doing such things.

They say that it takes 21 days to build a habit and 90 days to build a lifestyle. We are all aware that things aren’t always easy at first. And that it takes time for us to get the hang of things. But that isn’t where our problem lies. Our problem is that we are in too much of a hurry to see results. That’s why we end up building our habits in chunks. Instead of taking things one step at a time.

For example, when we decide to pursue our New Year’s Resolution of getting in shape we immediately start cutting out everything from our diets. Then we start setting unrealistic goals for ourselves – such as working out 5-6 days out of the week. Despite not being physically active people. And when results aren’t delivered we become discouraged.

The problem with this mentality is that we believe that we have to do everything at once or else we’ll never do it. What we don’t realize is that doing this causes us to overwhelm ourselves. That’s why we end up losing sight of our end goal and completely abandoning the habits we were trying to build in the first place.

So, next time you decide to take the time to better yourself. Take it one step at a time. Learn to acknowledge your efforts. And know that all pro’s were once beginners too. Cause at the end of the day, you determine whether its your Day One or your One Day habit.

Befriending Time

Time is such a precious thing. And I know it’s cliche, but it truly does pass us by in the blink of an eye. I’ve witnessed it first hand numerous times. Yet, only recently has it actually hit me. Just 6 months ago, I began my university journey. Within two months not only will I be 18 years old but I will be a quarter way done towards getting my degree. It’s mind boggling how quickly I’ve gotten here. Now, as summer vacation peeks around the corner it makes me wonder what’s to come.

Usually, I’d have already started planning out my summer bucket list. But, this summer I want to learn to befriend time instead. After, being busy all the time with school and extra-curricular I hope to come out of this summer with a better appreciation of time.

We take for granted all the little things that are constantly happening because we live in a society where social media marks our every moment. That’s why we’ve forgotten how good it feels to just bask in the presence of good company on a nice day. It’s why we have the mentality of “If I didn’t snap it or post it, it didn’t happen.” But, what if we took a step back and learned to put down our phones just for a minute. Would it really be so bad?

I think that our devices have become a sort of comfort pet for us. A last line of defense from the world. As though hiding behind a screen, wasting all our time will fix all of our problems. But it won’t. We know this and it scares us. We fear having to think of the present. That’s why we choose to live in the lala land that is social media. Which is why, I wonder what’s the worse that could happen if we choose to befriend time rather than fear it?