Defining Today

Recently, social distancing has become the second most discussed topic after the ever increasing death toll of COVID-19. But what is it? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary it is “the practice of avoiding direct contact with people or objects in public places during the outbreak of a contagious disease in order to minimize exposure and reduce the transmission of infection.”

But how does social distancing translate into our current reality? Well let me tell you. It’s a reality we’re first year students such as myself are finishing off their first year online. Panic buying has become a norm – to the point that those who aren’t able to do so are stuck with nothing during this crisis. Boredom levels have reached a brand new high, that now students actually miss going to school. Businesses are closing. Hospitals are overfilled. Habits and lifestyles such as wearing a niqab (or face mask) is all of a sudden smart instead of oppressive. It’s safe to say that we’ve done a complete 180 from where we were just a couple of months ago to where we are now.

A Social Distancing Minute

Pretty much every part of the world has been put on lock down. Anything that isn’t considered a necessity has been closed. Which definitely has its pros and cons. Pro, if people listened to health officials and took social distancing seriously life might go back to normal, sooner rather than later. Con, our lives as we know it have been put on pause, indefinitely.

At first, the prospect of staying home all day sounded A-MAZING. But, slowly as Day 1 turned to Day 3 then Day 6, it has slowly started to lose its appeal. People have suddenly been forced to spend more time with – those they don’t normally see for more than a couple hours a day – family. Not only that but, out of nowhere everyone wants to go out rather than lounge in their beds all day. We’ve reached a point where things that we’ve taken for granted are now starting to bite us in the ass.

One thing is for sure, our current epidemic has brought us all grief and has taught us numerous life lessons. We have all reached a point where only now have we start to realize that we have been blessed with so much. From our health, seeing friends in person to being able to enjoy the outdoors worry free. It’s quite upsetting if you think about it though. Why is it that it took such a dangerous virus for all of us to realize how much we have?

Unspoken Truths

Let’s be honest, we live in a time of selfishness. Everyone is constantly looking out for themselves. Why? Because most of us find it easier not to worry or care about things that don’t concern us. Sure, there are certain times when this mentality becomes a blessing – such as when pointless drama is occurring. But, do you know when this mentality kills? NOW.

Despite how quickly COVID-19 has spread around, some people still continuously refuse to acknowledge its existence and the importance of social distancing. Instead, said people would rather think about feeding their insatiable YOLO (You Only Live Once) mentality. And, it saddens me to know that majority of said people are young adults.

We all like to think that we’re invincible and that being young, fit, and active automatically guarantees us a long and healthy life. But, we’re wrong. This type of mentality is dangerous, especially considering everything that we are currently experiencing. COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate based on anything. It’s only goal is to spread and contaminate every thing and every one in its path.

So, next time you think that its a good idea to go outside simply because you’re bored ask yourself are you the only person that you’ll be in contact with. More often than not, the answer is NO. So, when you get the urge to go out unnecessarily remember this, it only takes one time for you to contract the virus. It doesn’t matter if you’re young, healthy, or fit.

Societal Update

Each day that passes shows us the true colors of humanity. As every minute that passes brings us new stories. From the overworked doctors and nurses pleading that people listen and remain indoors. To streets being filled with uplifting songs and calls to prayer.

Our current situation has given us all a taste of the things that so many refugees in the Muslim lands have had to experience on a daily basis. So next time lets all remember to put each other in one another’s shoes before we start to judge each other’s stories and hardships.

Nothing is guaranteed. Nothing is certain. That’s why let’s take the time to learn to be more decent human beings from here on out. Let’s learn to take better care of ourselves, our environment , and our earth. So that, there won’t be a next time.

Last Words

If there’s one thing that our lock down should remind us all its that, the longer we’re kept indoors the more severe it is outdoors. That’s why I hope you are all staying safe and staying indoors as much as possible.

I know social distancing can be boring. And that by now, we’ve all had enough of it to last us a lifetime. But, try to look at this with some positivity. We all have more time to do so much. Be it to reconnect with friends and family. Or like me, start working on a project that has been put on hold for so long – such as blogging. Whatever you choose to do with your time make it be productive. That way even if you spend all day doing it, the day doesn’t feel like its been wasted.

Let’s all do our part in stopping the spread of this epidemic through social distancing, one day at a time. Until the day when we are once again able to interact freely with each other, remember that there is still so much that we have to be grateful for. This isn’t the end. And with teamwork, patience, and lots of prayers, this’ll all be over before we know it!