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The clock strikes midnightYet I am unawareSo captivated by the words that hold me I’m transported into a world where anything is possibleIt’s a place where a cake can make you larger than lifeAnd a rabbit tells time Wonder and awe consume meTo believe in six impossible things everydaySo that one can accomplish more than …


Oh, What To Be

Time came and left in the blink of an eye Leaving me with memories & questions Countless sunrises experienced Countless personalities experimented At the age of 4, I wanted to be a stewardess At the age of 10, I wanted to be a doctor At the age of 16, I wanted to be an entrepreneur …


The Story of Privilege

The story of privilege is one that we hear too often A white man calls for help with no worries A black man refuses help even when he is the victim “911. What is your emergency?” “Please help. I hear gunshots outside my back door” “Ma’am help is on the way” White Privilege is feeling …



Why do things occur the way that they do? Why are we told to find the silvery lining? Is positivity real? Or is it merely the lack of negativity? Is it understandable for a child filled with rage and hurt to break? Or should the mourning parent get our sympathy? How do we distinguish who …


To Be Someone Else

I once wished to be someone for just one night
So I put on a persona that was unlike who I was
I said yes to the things that scared me
And unleashed a side of me that I was unaware of

That night was unforgettable
Not because I no longer had the burden that came from my worries
But because of the guilt that had consumed me afterwards
I later realized that who I was that evening, was someone I wish to never become

I became the person I always envied
I became the girl who laughed
Who fit the ideal image of society
The girl whom everyone wished to be

Yet despite that I discovered that the girls I wished to be
Were feeling much worse than me
They laughed so much only to distract themselves of the emptiness within
They perfected their image only to find a flaw within the perfection

That night a lesson learned by me
A lesson on how nothing aren’t what they seem
And that though we might not be who others want us to be
We are who we need to be



Raised by Queens

There is this girl that I know She was raised by Queens Some days she wore her high-tops and played with the boys Other times she wore a dress and was still able to destroy They called her mutinous Yet, no one knew her story For her behaviour was uncharted territory So the labeled her …