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A Parent-Teen Relationship

A Silent Battle We live in a world, where only change is constant. Seasons, fads, interests, and people – they all change. That’s why it’s no surprise that generational gaps exist today. What are generational gaps? Well by definition, generational gaps are “differences of outlook or opinion between people of different generations.” Why am I …

Growth Productivity

Time Out

We live in a world that never stops moving. Regardless of the time of day. Even though there are only 24 hours in a day and that we are human, we live in a time that is adamant on defying these facts. So rarely, do we take the time to just breathe. Instead, we’ve developed …

Muslim Girl sitting on the grass in the park, enjoying the outdoors.

A letter to Tomorrow

As 2020 approaches, I can’t help but reminisce about the past – good and bad. I’m typically not a sentimental person. Except, I recently read an article about an essay contest called “dear future self” . Within it were the entries of the contest winners – high school girls who wrote about their present, their …