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The Story of Privilege

The story of privilege is one that we hear too often A white man calls for help with no worries A black man refuses help even when he is the victim “911. What is your emergency?” “Please help. I hear gunshots outside my back door” “Ma’am help is on the way” White Privilege is feeling …



Why do things occur the way that they do? Why are we told to find the silvery lining? Is positivity real? Or is it merely the lack of negativity? Is it understandable for a child filled with rage and hurt to break? Or should the mourning parent get our sympathy? How do we distinguish who …

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My Baby Frosh Steps

via GIPHY Depending on the program and the classes that my friends had they weren’t as freaked or panicked about midterms. Me on the other hand, boy was I freaked. The reason for this was all due to the fact that university teaches you things in a completely different way than high school. So, I …